What business card size should I choose?

There is no strict rule about what size business card you should choose. The size of the card often depends on the nature of the business or activity, brand identity or personal liking for a particular design. The most important thing is that the card is convenient to use and store.

Recently, the production of square or larger format business cards has become popular. The larger format may not be very convenient, but it’s useful for designers or other artists who want to show off their professional skills. Some display their work on business cards, others unleash their creativity to create an alternative that justifies the workspace and turn the business card into a playful but functional work of art.

However, there is little room for extremes when deciding on the size of a business card. The business card should not be too large. When you decide to adopt a larger size business card design for your business, the appearance of the card is at risk. Too large a format can lead to the fact that without finding a convenient case or place to store it, the card will be wrinkled or worn, which will not really add value to the image being created. On the other hand, if you decide to choose a business card size that is too small, there is a risk that the contact data provided on it will not be very legible, there will not be enough space for the most important information. In this case, the advice is simple – moderation is key!

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