Awning production: how to choose?

How to fasten outdoor hanging awnings?

When choosing an advertising awning, first of all, it is important to assess whether you will hang the awning outdoors or place it indoors. If you have decided to hang outdoors, it is advisable to choose between standard awnings installed in frame structures and perforated Mesh awnings.

Standard awnings are characterized by bright colors and high print resolution, but it is recommended to hang them only in frame structures, on the walls of buildings or other stable structures that are not affected by the wind. Meanwhile, the print on Mesh awnings is duller due to the perforated surface, but this awning lets even 40% of the light through itself. air flow, so it can be installed even in windy areas without fear of it breaking.

The best and time-tested solution for fixing awnings would be elastic rubber through metal installation rings. Elastic rubbers reduce direct sudden loads to the perimeter and slightly dampen wind gusts.

After the awning is printed, its edges are folded and welded, thus strengthening its structure. Then rings are hammered in on average every 30 centimeters. Through these rings, the awning can be fixed with fixing rubbers or screws.

Compact and mobile indoor advertising awnings

Meanwhile, for indoor spaces, it is recommended to choose Roll Up or Pop Up stands with a particularly smooth surface, made of thicker material, with awnings. It is an excellent choice for presenting products at exhibitions, expositions or other events.

One of the most compact options that can be transported in a bag and set up with just one hand movement are mobile Roll Up stands. However, if you are looking for a slightly more massive and eye-catching solution, choose a magnetic Pop Up stand. Thanks to the aluminum layer inside, it is rigid and easily attaches to the stand structure with the help of magnetic strips.

There are various options to choose from for indoor awnings. With information about people who may have, although extremely rare, allergic reactions to conventional paints, there is an option: latex paints. This solution, although more expensive, does not contain impurities that could cause unpleasant experiences.


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